Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quick Hello

I know I haven't posted much lately. This past few weeks have been pretty hard on me with the loss of two of my pets and a denial in my disability claim. So I might have to go back to work soon. I haven't been able to do much writing under this pen name. However, today the muse kicked in for a bit and I wrote 1600 words on my YA shifter novel. I still haven't come up with a title for it, but I'm excited to get a few more words down. But as life would have it, I have somewhere I jet off to today, so the muse will have to wait until I am done with my errands.

Good day to everyone. I hope your summer is panning out okay. I have been able to go swimming for the last week. Which is good for my fibro. Though probably no swimming tonight since I will be out late. Here's to the hope of writing tomorrow.

Put some mystery in your life.

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