Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Life

That's where I've been; living. (Bear with me there is a question about sewing later.) Oh yes, so last time, way back months ago, I told you that I might have to go back to work. (The day job.) Well, I did. I went back in July.

So I have been at it for three months now. (For those who don't know, I have a chronic illness.) The first month of work was pretty bad. I had a hard time adjusting and didn't do much more than work and sleep. Mind you, I am only released from the doctor for 4 hours a day. After a month I followed up with the doctor, who left me on 4 hours a day, but changed my medicine.

Swapping meds is nothing new to me as nothing seems to work. I have been at this for 8 years now trying different things. Something I agree to new meds with no problem and other times I complain or just simply refuse. This time I agreed without any complaints. And I am so happy I did. It has taken a bit to get into my system. I've been on it now for about 7 weeks. This med does knock me out, so I can't drive or really do anything after I take it at night. I take it about 5:30 if I have no chauffeuring to for the night. If so, I take it a bit later. Anywhere from about 5 minutes to 2 hours it kicks in and I am gone, asleep until forced out of bed in the morning.
Okay, so it doesn't sound too great. But I don't hurt as bad as I have in the past. Now I do still hurt and have to manage my fibro, limit things that I do. But that is so much better than how my life was before. Before there was no managing my fibro. I was in sever pain all day, every day. Nothing was working and I was getting worse. It got so back that I slept away Dec, Jan and Feb.

Now I am back to work part-time and seem to be doing okay with it. I still have bad days. The good part is that I have had good days as well. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and see if I am released to work a full 8 hour day again. There will probably be more adjusting if I do and I will probably be gone for a couple of months again. I just felt like blogging today for some reason.

I have also felt like doing things that is me again. I think I might still be in there somewhere. And one thing about me other than loving to write, is loving to craft things. I think it is the concept of creating that I like. Whether it be a novel or craft project or upcycling, whatever. Lately I have been trying to figure out my sewing machine. My mother gave it to me a few years ago because it was older and I didn't have one. She has five other machines herself. (If you couldn't tell, she CAN sew. And sews very well. Not like me.) Anyway, if anyone out there knows anything about this machine, can you tell me how to make it zig-zag? I can't figure it out. Maybe in the future if my projects come out okay, I'll post some pic.

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