Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Day with the Family

I don't usually take off and do things with my family. Take off meaning - get dressed, get in the car, and go somewhere. I know this will use all my energy and wipe me out for days. But since we have had a pretty bad last couple of weeks, I thought we should do something yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I know Memorial Day is a day to remember lost military members and not a day to party. I so get that, being ex-military. But with so much death in my life lately, I really wanted to spend time with the ones who are still living and make memories.

My daughter has been dying to go miniature golfing and since we just got a course in town, I suggested we play. So we went. The course isn't the best. I would say since the economy is bad, they took a gamble to open it in the first place. But we don't have a lot to do in our area, no place for kids to go. The location is great however. It's right next door to the movie theater and restaurants. Plus, about a half a mile - if that - down the road is the Bass Pro Shop and the Mississippi Braves stadium, our minor league baseball team and farm league for the Braves. I image the owners thought the ball team would draw in customers. Or maybe the town and the ball team thought the golf course would help raise numbers for the ball games. After all, people do travel a good distance to see a game, so if they stay the night in any one of the new hotels in the area, they would want to have the option of doing something in the day while waiting to see the game at night. So again, the location is great.

Yet at the same time, the location is pretty bad. There is no shade. And I do mean no shade. It got rather hot. The green are small and not very interesting, except one that was beyond crazy. It should have been like a par 20. All in all, we had a good time with the boy making 2 hole-in-ones.

After putt-putt, we grabbed a bit to eat at Newk's and then headed home. Of course we had to pick up the girl's boyfriend or she just might have died from not seeing him.

So how did you spend Memorial Day?


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