Monday, March 8, 2010

The Flock

I watch a lot of stupid movies like Office Space, Blades of Glory and Dodgeball. Usually my husband will turn them on and before I know it, I'm sucked into them. A couple of nights ago it was Semi-Pro. It pulled me in like a pit of quicksand. I had to sit still until it released it hold on me...a.k.a. - the credits rolled.

I also like the chick-flix movies. Ever After, Never Been Kissed and Fried Green Tomatoes. But the one that memorizes me is The Notebook. Can't do anything when that one is on.

Now, I don't like horror. Sometimes I can get into a good thriller. With the upcoming release of my mystery ebook, I've decided I need to branch out and add mysteries to my list of movies. Not being able to sleep Saturday night, I flipped through the movie stations and found The Flock - a mystery with Richard Gere and Claire Danes.

The paranoid registrant administrator of the Department of Public Safety Erroll Babbage is forced to an early retirement due to his abusive behavior against the sex offenders that he should monitor, and shall spend his last eighteen days training his replacement Allison Lowry. When the seventeen years old Harriet Wells is considered missing in his area of work, Errol is convinced that her disappearance is related to one of his parole sex offenders. However, his superiors do not believe on his investigations and he convinces Allison to follow him in the sick underworld of pornography and perversions trying to find the missing girl.

Riveting! I couldn't walk away. Babbage is one scary fellow, but the guys he tracks are far worse. One can't help but understand why he does the things he does.


Put some mystery in your life.

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