Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Superhero Means to Me

My book, Pieces of the Star, is a story about an ordinary man who survives unusual circumstances and finds himself developing extraordinary senses. It’s like the beginnings of a superhero where we met the nemesis and learn how they are connected.

We all know these types of stories; Batman, Spiderman, Superman. I’m a Wonder Woman type of girl myself. I remember being a little girl with Wonder Woman Underoos. I loved that set, running around deflecting the enemy’s weapons with my indestructible wrist bracelets. What can I say; I was a hyper little girl. These types of stories are cool and great to fantasize about, but as I grew, I learned the true meaning of a superhero.

A superhero is someone who shows up at the right time and fights for injustice. They put other’s safety before themselves. They’re honest, caring and hardworking. They go without if they have to so others may have. They sacrifice all for the good of the whole. These are not people with superpowers, just super hearts. They have fears like everyone else. One of my characters puts it like this, “Bravery doesn’t mean you’re not scared to face what life throws at you. It means you face your circumstances in spite of your fear.”

Who are these heroes? They are the men and women of the military forces. Your local police force and firefighters. They’re the child social workers and the foster parents who do it because they care about abused and neglected children.

I’ve met a lot of these heroes in my life. I spent ten years in the military before I had to give it up due to a chronic illness. I’ve worked hundreds of disability claims of these military heroes at the VA benefits office. I’ve read their PTSD claims and seen their injuries. I’ve meet couples who take in children with nowhere else to go. I’ve seen these heroes give everything they had, including their lives.

So, I’d like to salute the true superheroes while giving them a bit of fantasy to get through their day. Here’s to all the superheroes of the world, fictional and factual.


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  1. Thank you, Piper. I can't believe I found a pic of the Underoos.